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A Frame

"A Frame" Scaffolding is typically used for the construction of residential dwellings from 1 to 4
storeys high.

The "A Frame System" comes with a full complement of all accessories including hook end steel
boards in place of traditional timber scaffold planks and a handrail system which incorporates the
handrail, mesh guard and kick board as one item.

Tube and Fitting

Tube and Fitting will complement "A Frame" scaffolding or for those more technical
requirements where only Tube and Fitting will do the job satisfactorily.

Sizes range from 0.5m through to 6.0m, in increments 0.5m and each size is individually
colour coded.

A full range of scaffold fittings are also available.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold

Mobile scaffold available in standing heights from 2 metres to 6 metres and various size

Lightweight and easy to erect makes this ideal for internal wiring or painting ceilings